You want me to do WHAT? Basic marketing etiquette 101


I know it’s the silly season out there and everyone’s frantically SELLING. But are you? Are you really?

Stop and think. Just a moment. It’ll help your sales. I promise!

  • If you invite me to Like a page, have you found mine and Liked it? Or had any interaction with me? I’m not going to fill up my feed with people whose only message is BUY! BUY! BUY! (Unless you’re excited about my new releases. Frenzied enthusiasm for my books is highly encouraged.)
  • My twitter feed is my real estate. I want followers who read in English. Because I write books. In English.
  • If you cannot post in my language, odds are high that I’ll ignore you. Just as you will never read this because it’s not in YOUR language.
  • Men – I am not here to find a date. This will become more obvious when I have cover art plastered on my various social media sites. I don’t care about the pictures you’ve copied from other people’s sites. The guys I write about are far more exciting than anything you can invent. That’s why I’m the writer.
  • There’s a special level of Hell for the spammers who tag me trying to sell junk via the click farms. Expect to be summarily executed by whatever blocking mechanism is available to me.
  • Finally, do not be offended or drop me if I select “Cannot Go” or RSVP in the negative for your event. Even if I had full time staff in every time zone, it would be physically impossible to attend everything. I go out of my way to try and support people who have supported my efforts.

Courtesy is the prince of virtues. Let’s practice it and be kind to one another.

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