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Once again, a prominent social media site advertising a billion users “Temporarily Suspended” my account. Their excuse? Suspicious activity with the excuse I must have been “phished.” Uh huh. Given I was using my iPad app, which logs on via the saved password to post for the first time in a few days, I don’t think so. This after Big Brother locked a bunch of us out earlier this year for GASP! using the word Author after our names. See Shoshanna Evers’ excellent blog on the gyrations she had to go through to be reinstated. Obviously I got back on after a stint of being told my state’s drivers license did not constitute legal proof of my identity. Really? But it made me very conscious that I never wanted my writing business at the mercy of any faceless entity.

Takeaway lesson? If you’re a drag queen and use an alternate persona, you’ll get an apology if you’re outed. If you’re a writer , you’d better pay to boost your posts. But I digress.

The key is that I own this website. I own my intellectual property. Posts made on social media are at the mercy of those providers. Posts made here belong to me. I’m always open to civil conversations on my site, as I am to those held in my house.

When you sign up for my newsletter, you cut out censors, middlemen, and spam. When you access my website, it’s just the two of us and any who friends drop by. No marketing snitches watching to see what you do next to hand the data over to an advertiser. It’s a pure, clean form of communication. We’ll talk about whatever we’re interested in (see those comments forms below? If you don’t, please let me know.)

I’m a writer. Sign up and let’s keep the conversation going. No “served to 4 people” or “Pay to boost this post” found here. Just a writer with books coming in 2016. If you find me missing from the other place, you know you can always find me here. So sign up for the newsletter and drop by for my posts. You’re always welcome here.

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