Own & Control Your Data – A Lesson In Fickle Social Media Platforms

This morning I woke to find myself locked out of my Facebook account. As I scan in various forms of ID to try to prove to the monolith that I’m truly me, I’m thanking the malicious spammer for providing the impetus I needed to go ahead and take this site live.

It may not be pretty. I might not have all the pages populated or the pretty pictures that I planned. But I own the domain. I control the information. And I’ll be spending my time, effort and money here. Where I decide what gets seen, boosted or accessed.

I can only imagine the havoc this might have had if the timing were different. If I were in the midst of a publicity campaign for my upcoming books.

Thanks to some malicious excuse for a human, I learned a valuable lesson. My posts will originate from this site. My publicity will originate from this site. And my buy links, when the books go live, will be on this site. I am never again leaving myself or my career at the mercy of a corporate monolith where anyone can knock my business offline at the press of a key.

My abject apologies to the authors whose campaigns I was boosting, the loops I’ve suddenly dropped from in mid conversation, and the people suddenly having to link via our professional organizations, email, and other means. It’s an inconvenience, I know. All because some malicious excuse for a human being decided to get their anonymous jollies at my expense. Lesson learned.

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