How Does She Do It?

How Does She Do It?


For those of you curious about a writer’s tools, here are mine. Long before I get to the Airbook, I find I need to think on paper. I work out my plot points and mind mapping on the Rhodia No 38 Dot Pad, keep my beat sheets, character arcs and other plotting information for each manuscript in a Staples Arc Notebook so I can add or remove pages easily and keep my office tools such as pens, paper and sticky notes in the little orange bag I bought from

The stickers on my computer cover remind me “Whose Story Is It?” and “What’s the Problem?” to keep my point of view and plot on track.

IMG_0449I use the Quo Vadis Habana notebooks for conference notes, one per year. The Quiver pen sheath holds my preferred fountain pen safely, protecting it from damage and people used to free ballpoints who might be tempted to help themselves to an expensive Delta pen with an 18 carat stub nib.

IMG_0446 IMG_0447 This is my conference trick for quick pitches to agents, honed during the International Thriller Writers Agentfest, which is similar to speed dating with agents and editors. I paste the agent’s picture and pertinent information off their website so I have a quick reminder before sitting down of who I’m talking to and why. My log line and pitch is glued inside the back cover of the notebook to refer to in case I need to refer to them. I clip my business cards inside the back pocket of the journal so I have one ready to hand over as we shake hands and sit down. This leaves the bottom or side of the page ready to jot down the requested materials and any specialized information such as special emails or what they want to see in the subject line. Their card goes in the back pocket for future reference where it is held securely.

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