Why I love Rhodia No. 8 pads

Exaclair was gracious enough to send a Rhodia No.8 pad for me to use and abuse. IMG_0704 For size comparison, here is what it looks like next to my Kindle. And yes, it’s already heavily creased because it’s so darned useful that I’m using it for all sorts of tasks.

As a departure from my fountain pen and ink usage, which you can find on this site under previous reviews, I wanted to show how beautifully this paper takes pencil without smudging. I use Blackwing 602 pencils, so smudging can be an issue on cheap paper, as can punching through the page when freshly sharpened. No problem with that here!

IMG_0702Perfect for jotting down quick calculations in the field. Yes, that’s my distempered scrawl when forced to stand, pad in hand, just as these were designed to do back when reporters used pen and paper. Or pencil and paper.

IMG_0703Here is the backside so you can not only see what you’re looking for when ordering, but get another example of how this useful Rhodia product holds up to being tossed onto the dashboard of a car, shoved into a purse, or pushed across a desk. The corners will eventually crumple, but not until the paper is almost gone and it’s taken a lot more abuse.

I freely admit to being a paper junkie and this is the white paper I would love to see in the larger webnotebooks and other products. If Rhodia has introduced it and I missed it, feel free to comment below so I can demand it from my favorite paper and ink pushers.

Thank you, Exaclair, and I look forward to further adventures with paper products.