IMG_0746This morning’s fare: a banana, two pears, a handful of blackberries, a small chunk of fresh peeled ginger, a scoop of protein powder (brown rice from Vitacost ) and eight ounces of coconut water with the pulp. Toss in a blender, whirl, and pour into my finest Waterford crystal. Why?

Would you put diesel in a Ferrari? When was the last time you paid attention to what’s fueling your body? Or delighted your senses with the presentation?

Yeah, yeah. I know who you are, Ms Drinks-my-coffee-from-the-baby’s-sippy-cup. Stop squirming, those of you who skipped food in favor of a 400 calorie Starbucks sugar bomb.

This isn’t a guilt trip. This is encouragement to all my fellow writers running on empty tanks, low energy, and sagging…well, let’s not go there.

There really are quick and easy routes to feeling better fast. One is on the organic grocery aisle of your supermarket. All those pretty colors and all those strange leafy things you don’t know what to do with? Don’t have time to fool with? Hate cooking? Toss ’em in the blender! No kidding. Top it up with chunks of fresh organic foods, add a little coconut water or kombucha (Google it) or yoghurt that hasn’t had sugar added or even water if you’re at a loss, toss in a scoop of protein powder that might be hiding in the sports drink and vitamin section of the store and give it a whirl until smooth. Pour the crazy colored stuff into a nice glass, keep the rest of it cold, and sip on it until it’s gone. Yes, the whole pitcher! Do it every day for a week and tell me how you feel.

Do it for a month and see where your creativity levels are. Then check back again and tell me if it’s made a difference.

There’s more. I’ll share. But baby steps. This is going to taste weird to palates used to sugar bombs. What have you got to lose? (I’m looking forward to hearing what you lose.)

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